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Deepchord – dc07/dc08/dc09 [remastered]

    [info sheet]

    Title: Deepchord – dc07/dc08/dc09 [remastered]

    A special edition series focused on the rare, historical works of deepchord. The long out of print deepchord catalog has since been remastered and will finally be available again on this gorgeous triple LP set. Its been a lengthy and timely process restoring old analog tape, DAT and cassette recordings (some dating back to 1994) all of which have been carefully resurrected from the vault of Detroits revered NSC Studio.

    Release Date: Feb, 2013

    Format: Vinyl 12″, CD, Digital

    Details: 3×12″ Vinyl, CD, Digital Compilation, Remastered

    Label: echospace [detroit]

    Catalog: arclp01

    Country: USA

    Genre: Dub Techno, Techno

    Track Listing:

    dc07 [remastered]

    • A1: Von Schommer (Mike Schommer) – Würfel
    • A2: Von Schommer (Mike Schommer) – Würfel [Version]
    • B1: Imax (Rod Modell) – Soft White [Version]
    • B2: Imax (Rod Modell) – Concorde

    dc08 [remastered]

    • A1: Techniker (Mike Schommer) – M-3
    • A2: Techniker (Mike Schommer) – At Dusk
    • B1: Delayvarience (Rod Modell) – Ohm
    • B2: Delayvarience (Rod Modell) – Cobaltred

    dc09 [remastered]

    • A1: Lux (Mike Schommer) – Data
    • A2: Lux (Mike Schommer) – Debris
    • B1: A601-2 (Rod Modell) – River Place
    • B2: A601-2 (Rod Modell) – Tower400