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Deepchord – dc10/dc11/dc12 [remastered]

    [info sheet]

    Title: Deepchord – dc10/dc11/dc12 [remastered]

    Long of out press Deepchord classics, lovingly remastered and packaged by Echospace, 3×12 inch, 160 Gram Coloured + Photo Print.

    Release Date: Feb, 2013

    Format: Vinyl 12″, CD, Digital

    Details: 3×12″ Vinyl, CD, Digital Compilation, Remastered

    Label: echospace [detroit]

    Catalog: arclp02

    Country: USA

    Genre: Dub Techno, Techno

    Track Listing:

    dc10 [remastered]

    • A1: Untitled – DC10 (Rod Modell)
    • B1: Untitled – DC10 (Rod Modell)
    • B2: Untitled – DC10 (Rod Modell)

    dc11 [remastered]

    • A1: Untitled – DC11 (Rod Modell)
    • B1: Untitled – DC11 (Rod Modell)
    • B2: Untitled – DC11 (Rod Modell)

    dc12 [remastered]

    • A1: Untitled – DC12 (Mike Schommer)
    • B1: Untitled – DC12 (Mike Schommer)
    • B2: Untitled – DC12 (Mike Schommer)