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Deepchord – Von Schommer – dc15

    [info sheet]

    Additional Information:

    Title: Deepchord -dc15

    Mixed at the Crown Motel on Woodward/McNichols in Detroit. Originally released as a limited edition professionally printed cdr packaged in a white cardboard sleeve. A clear sticker containing the black and white artwork was affixed to the center of the sleeve. The release was made available on the deepchord website on 2-15-2002 strictly as a preorder for a limited time. Limited edition of 50 (the number of preorders). Originals can be verified by looking for a digitally printed number on the clear plastic part of the cd in the center. Two sets of numbers will be found. The first set will read 13391810.

    Release Date: Feb, 2002

    Format: CD, Digital

    Details: CD, Digital Compilation, Remastered

    Label: Deepchord Records

    Catalog: DC15

    Country: USA

    Genre: Dub Techno, Techno

    Track Listing:

    • Untitled 1
    • Untitled 2
    • Untitled 3
    • Untitled 4
    • Untitled 5
    • Untitled 6
    • Untitled 7
    • Untitled 8
    • Untitled 9
    • Untitled 10
    • Untitled 11