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Mike & Matthew Schommer – Creative Core 02

    [info sheet]

    Title: Mike & Matthew Schommer – Creative Core 02

    Music: Mike Schommer
    Artwork: Matthew Schommer

    Description: Creative Core 02 is a musical and artistic collaboration between brothers Matthew and Mike Schommer. This is their second in an ongoing series where over many months, the two brothers worked together to develop a series of workflow therapeutics that reveal a genuine exposition of the creative engines that drive their work. With the newly devised artistic principles in hand, each returned to their respective craft to create two authentic artistic expressions that produce a single visual and auditory experience when combined. The result is a single 12″ dubplate recording with accompanying artwork.

    Includes framed dubplate, framed 12″ jacket, digital WAV files, and transfer of all music and image rights to the buyer. ,On Exhibition from Sept 15th – Oct 2nd during ArtPrize 2022 at the JW Marriott, Grand Rapids, MI USA

    Price: $4,500 USD (SOLD)

    Exhibition: ArtPrize 2022

    Release Date: Sep 15, 2022

    Format: 12″ Dubplate

    Edition: Limited 1 Dubplate With Artwork

    Catalog: CC02

    Country: US

    Track Listing:

    • A1: 02-A (5:51)
    • B1: 02-B (7:21)