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Van Bonn & Upwellings – Cloudwalker (Mike Schommer Remix)

    [info sheet]

    Title: Van Bonn & Upwellings – Cloudwalker (Mike Schommer Remix)


    Van Bonn & Upwellings join forces to showcase journeys of different moods and styles of dub techno on their new ep called Cloudwalker. The opening Cloudwalker Dub is moving in between the triangle of dubby stories told in Bristol, Copenhagen and Vienna. Harmonious, bass heavy and with a special attention to the little something. Bridging is raw and deep. It sucks you in and the harmonies tickle on your skin during a sunrise on a mysty morning. The following Dilated Spaces is reduced to its bare minimum and proofs that when you go deep and minimal, there is always the possibility to go even deeper and reduce the elements even further. Up next is Deepchord co-founder Mike Schommer who directs his remix of Bilateral Kite in moody and texture rich territories conducted by a straight forward kick and dubbed out fx. King Cry Cry is a personal reminiscence to the big soul of the originators of dub.

    Release Date: 2022

    Format: Vinyl 12″

    Details: Transparent Bright Purple Vinyl, 33 rpm

    Label: Van Bonn Records

    Catalog: VANBONN14

    Country: Germany

    Genre: Dub Techno, Dub, Minimal, Techno

    Track Listing:

    • A1: Cloudwalker Dub
    • A2: Bridging
    • A3: Dilated Spaces
    • B1: Bilateral Kite (Mike Schommer Remix)
    • B2: King Cry Cry